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Seeing the difficult situation in many countries as a result of Covid-19, the Nemo team in warri has put together an app to asist in managing the spread of the virus in Nigeria. Lets all work together to be healthier. From the Nemo team with from warri.

What is Covid2gether?

Covid2gether is an initiative undertaken by the NEMO team to help curb the spread of Covid-19. This initiative is built around the Covid2gether app Which is the first Bluetooth contact tracing app in AFRICA and second in the WORLD. whose features are aimed at reducing the spread of this novel coronavirus. Features such as the Bluetooth contact tracing, come in very handy to ensure that all who have recently been in contact with someone who has been confirmed to have the Coronavirus are alerted so as to get tested immediately. Other features include a geofence which will also alert you when you come within a certain distance to an area with confirmed cases and a symptoms checker for you to ascertain if you might have Covid-19 or not. It's also calculate the distance between your current location and a test centre, isolation centre and an affected area. Along with real time updates on number of covid-19 cases in each state, Nigeria as a whole and every country in the world. These and other features of the Covid2gether app will improve our chances of winning this fight if only we work TOGETHER.

Would you like to work TOGETHER with us? We welcome you to offer your skills, expertise or any other form of support by volunteering.


These are some of the organizations that share in our Covid2gether vision and support us in our fight against Covid-19 :


Below are videos explaining the Covid-19 Epidemic and preventions

Our Team

Michael Ikein Mavino

Project Lead, UI/UX designer, Android developer

Imoh Akpos Abraham

Data gathering

Ikegulu Henry

Data gathering

Ikechukwu Woyenkola

Project lead, Software Engineer

Obahor Martin-Luther

Web lead/Software Engineer

Owhiroro Flora

Data gathering lead

Uloho Jerome

Mobile lead, Android developer

Russell Bryan

Data visualization team

Mene Woron

Data visualization lead

Keston Agboro

ICT Business Developer

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